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Pars Khashayar Mehr
Along with the development of the tourism industry in recent years in the country and the more serious approach of the authorities to the entry of as many foreign tourists as possible in the form of incoming tours from different countries, in order to get to know the culture, traditions and domestic attractions, Pars Khashayar Mehr Development Company, which 1388 with the participation of the Iranian Tour Operators Association and with the efforts of a number of member companies of the said society with the aim of providing services, synergizing activities and helping to solve the hardware and infrastructure problems of economic operators and members of the incoming tours of the Iranian Tour Operators Association in the field of tourism in the country, as well as planning and implementing conferences and Specialized training and marketing workshops were established, especially for start-up companies in this sector. This company, by participating in efforts and taking advantage of the experiences, capabilities, executive records and capacities of other tourism companies in the country, in order to help identify and resolve existing problems and concerns. To act on the activists of this field through the use of collective power for better organization and optimal use of existing mechanisms and facilities, and to prepare and formulate development plans suggested to the trustees of this field.
Pars Khashayar Mehr Company can provide regional and international services in the following areas:

  • Tourism affairs (travel, visa, insurance, hotel, etc.)
  • Holding events, conferences, seminars, webinars, etc.
  • consulting services
  • Setting up and running the exhibition
  • Tourism and business training
  • Business affairs
  • Investment matters
  • content creation
  • Specialized meetings

Experienced team of tourism activists

Mahmoud bonakdarnia


Ebrahim Pourfaraj

Chairman of the Board

Syed Mohammad Ali Ashraf Waqefi

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

Seyed Hadi Shirazi

Administration Manager